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Arc and Bis host Young Women Future Workforce


NEWS UPDATE 29.09.2017

Arc and Bis host Young Women Future Workforce

Arc Infrastructure and Bis have partnered to showcase careers in operations to young women.

Arc and Bis host Young Women Future Workforce teaser

Young Women Future Workforce is an open day event which showcases the roles available to women in transport infrastructure and the resources industry.

The two companies discussed the types of roles they offer in operational businesses as they opened their doors to young women and their families yesterday.

The career style event aims to expose the future workforce to career opportunities in operational business while addressing both an industry, and state-wide gender equity issue.

Together, Arc Infrastructure and Bis employ more than 780 people across a wide range of roles and professions in Western Australia, with Bis employing a total work force of 1450 across Australia and Indonesia.

Arc Infrastructure’s General Manager Safety, People and Corporate Affairs Megan McCracken said the company has made bold and deliberate changes over the last five years, increasing the proportion of women in its workforce from 9% in 2008 to 24% this year.
“We have only just begun our journey, and know we have a lot of work ahead of us to represent men and women equally in our workforce. The transport industry is modern and innovative, and Young Women Future Workforce provides a platform for us to build long term relationships with future job seekers and showcase everything our industry has to offer,” Ms McCracken said.

Bis Chief Executive Officer Brad Rogers said the company shared the commitment to diversity in the workplace.

“It is a reality that people are still pigeon holed, or make career decisions, based on what are perceived to be gender appropriate jobs,” Mr Rogers said.

“We need to change that thinking. Introducing young women to the opportunities on offer in sectors such as resource logistics is a positive step in that direction.”

Gender equality is a real issue in WA and Australia. In the rail industry alone, women make up only 17% of the workforce. In 2016, the mining industry saw only 13.7% of its workforce made up of women.

Ms McCracken said as a leading transport infrastructure company in WA, Arc Infrastructure recognises the benefits of a diverse and inclusive workplace.

 “Having a diverse workforce makes sense- we want our workforce to be made up of the best people, and we will be vigilant to ensure we continue to foster and develop a workforce that is fair and safe for everyone.” 

During the day, almost 30 young women participated in practical exercises, met with employees across a variety of operational roles and participated in a panel discussion to inspire the next generation of women entering the workforce.

“It was great to see the enthusiasm and interest from the young girls and women who came along to the event and I hope it helped broaden their thinking on potential careers,” Mr Rogers said.

Arc Infrastructure has been awarded the Most Ambitious Company in Gender Diversity award by Engineers Australia, and the Workforce Diversity award by the Australian Rail industry for its efforts in closing the gender pay gap and encouraging more women into engineering and front line roles. Click here to see more. 

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