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meet the team

meet the team

Over 400 employees are responsible for keeping our network running 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

With employees located across the network from the MidWest, through to Kalgoorlie and all the way down to the South West, our teams carry out a diverse range of work. Employees from around the network have shared some insight into their roles and why they like working for us. Keep an eye on this page to see who is featured next. 

I am a track maintainer in the South West region, based in Picton. I work in the track team to maintain the rail and work with the team on a variety of tasks. In particular, I work with the welders. I am currently learning the steps and procedures of becoming a welder.

We have various daily tasks that we do, for example, cutting rail to size to replace a section, lift and packs (where sleepers have dropped and need to be hand tampered) and sleeper replacement.

I enjoy working outside, whether it’s rain or shine, and the atmosphere at work is happy and everyone goes out of their way to teach each other new skills.

I enjoy working for Arc Infrastructure because every day is different and there’s always new challenges and tasks to learn.

I thrive on learning new tasks.


Track Maintenance Team, South West

I work as BI (Business Intelligence) and Analytics Specialist responsible for the design, development, implementation, management and support of critical enterprise BI reporting and Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) processes and environments.

Working with cross-functional teams, I have to gather and document business requirements for data analysis and reporting projects, as well as use BI and database tools to develop reporting solutions to meet business needs.

I like to work here because Arc Infrastructure has always made sure to understand the value of each individual in the business. I have been provided with an opportunity to develop and grow, both personally and professionally, by being given the environment, support and opportunities to do so.

I feel lucky to be a part of a piece of infrastructure which is the lifeline of Western Australia and the sense of fulfilment of giving something back to community.


Technology Team, Perth

I transferred to Picton in 1994 following the closure of Westrail's District Engineers office in Narrogin.

My current role as Signal Maintainer sees me working as part of a two person work team maintaining level crossing infrastructure, point machines, track circuits and associated signalling across the South West and Great Southern on a daily basis, then on 24 hour call for a week every month.

As a hands on, outdoor, pragmatic person I feel suited to the task and genuinely enjoy more days than the ones I don't.

Arc Infrastructure has, in my opinion, undoubtedly been the best operators of the network and has a genuine care for the network and its people. With my 30 years rail career entering the "twilight" stage of my life, I am excited for the change to Arc Infrastructure, and very impressed with our progressive management style. I feel sure that my wife and I will continue to reach our personal goals and ambitions.


Signalling Team, South West
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