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rail safety education

rail safety education

At Arc Infrastructure, we believe that delivering the rail safety message is just as important as teaching our children how to cross a road or to wear a helmet when riding a bike.

Each year there are around 1000 near hits at level crossings and more than 5000 instances of trespass and vandalism reported on rail networks around Australia, with many more going unreported. Sadly, a large number of these instances involve young people.

As a transport infrastructure manager in Western Australia, Arc Infrastructure is committed to ensuring the safety of the communities that surround our network.

Through Rail Safety Week, community partnerships, and various communications activities, we endeavour to educate school students and the broader community about the importance of acting safely around the rail network.

We are also working at a national level to address this issue. As a member of the TrackSAFE Foundation, we contributed to the development of the TrackSAFE Education resources, the first national rail safety education initiative for primary and high school students.

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