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customer information

customer information

Arc Infrastructure is an experienced and capable partner, with a proven track record of working with our customers to optimise their use of our infrastructure as part of the overall supply chain.

We work closely with customers and their train operators to provide an equitable system of access for all rail users. Our goal is to ensure that our customers are given the opportunity to maximise the capacity and efficiency of their rail operations.

Playing a critical role in the supply chain, Arc Infrastructure has the capabilities to assist with:

  • gaining a greater understanding of the rail industry and operations
  • ​supply chain operations planning
  • network capacity and upgrade requirements
  • private siding connections
  • port access issues
  • accessing rail corridor land

We are governed by the WA Rail Access Regime, established in 2001 to ensure effective and fair access to Western Australia’s freight rail network.

The Regime consists of the Railways (Access) Act 1998 and the Railways (Access) Code 2000, and is administered by the Economic Regulation Authority. For further detail on the WA Rail Access Regime, visit

If you are investigating a potential rail task on or around our network, please contact our Business Development team on (08) 9212 2800 or at  

Useful links

Link Description
State Emergency Management Plan Emergency Management Plan for incidents on the Arc Infrastructure freight network. 
Fleet One Arc Infrastructure’s wayside monitoring system. For authorised users only
Customer Operations Portal Centralised web portal to provide the links for the following Operational Applications:
  • Rail Access Management System- detailed network and train information. For authorised users only. 
  • General Operational Instructions- Information regarding operational instructions, train hauling loads, track speeds and local instructions. 
  • Operational Change Management Request- for submitting requests related to new rolling stock registration, changes to existing rolling stock, train configuration and train schedule. For authorised users only. 
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