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Arc delivers its Annual Sustainability Report


NEWS UPDATE 26.03.2024

Arc delivers its Annual Sustainability Report

Arc Infrastructure is pleased to be publishing its second annual Sustainability Report.

Arc delivers its Annual Sustainability Report  teaser
Arc Infrastructure is pleased to release its Annual Sustainability Report for calendar year 2023.

This is the second sustainability report we have prepared, following the development of our overall Sustainability Strategy.

Of the 40 original initiatives outlined in the original Sustainability Strategy, many have now moved to Business As Usual (BAU) and become part of our regular business practices and processes. As more initiatives continue to move to BAU, Arc will shift its focus to performance reporting.

The teams at Arc are already developing measures and targets to assess ongoing performance across the five themes and continue to improve assurance processes and data collection to support this. As these measures are developed, they will form a significant part of the annual report, alongside new initiatives and highlighting our successes.

An update on our sustainability initiatives can be found in Appendix A of the report.

The report provides data for our Scope 1 and 2 emissions in 2023, as well as other information on hours of training and participation in our Leadership Development Program.

We have compiled a number of case studies which highlight the work we’re doing in the business which align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Arc Infrastructure’s CEO Murray Cook said the range of areas covered in the original initiatives reflected Arc’s commitment to operate the business sustainably.

“I am pleased to see progress across the business in implementing our original sustainability strategy, as our maturity in this space increases.

“Our teams have worked hard to build on the success of initiatives in 2022 to deliver more positive outcomes again last year.

“I look forward to continued improvement as we further embed sustainability within all aspects of our operations,” Mr Cook said.

The Annual Sustainability Report 2023 is available here

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