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Piawaning to Miling line reopens


WORKS UPDATE 28.07.2020

Piawaning to Miling line reopens

Arc teams worked hard to ensure the Miling line was reopened on schedule for the benefit of local grain farmers.

Piawaning to Miling line reopens teaser

A solid team effort has ensured that the major rerail and resleepering works on the Piawaning to Miling section on the Toodyay West to Miling line were completed and the section reopened in May. Trains have not run on this section since a derailment in September last year.

The Mobile Maintenance Team and Central Team 3 re-railed nearly 7.5 kilometres of track (both legs) and replaced over 2,500 sleepers to get the line ready to recommence operations, safely and on schedule.

The Miling line is primarily used by CBH to transport grain.

Arc teams worked hard to complete the re-railing on schedule, after summer storms caused widespread damage across the region and unexpected delays during the opening phase of the project. The team also adapted their work methodologies to accommodate several Environmentally Sensitive Areas (ESAs) in the vicinity of the works.

Arc Infrastructure General Manager Commercial and Development Nathan Speed said, “This is a great result for the teams who worked to complete this key maintenance task safely, enabling us to re-open this section of the line on schedule for the benefit of CBH and local grain farmers.”

Head of Maintenance Delivery Dan Ellis congratulated everyone involved in achieving completion of the project.

“These works were completed incident free by the Mobile Maintenance Team and Central Team 3 in 35 days which is a fantastic effort, especially considering they had to deal with washaways and changes arising from COVID-19.

“This is a great example of major works completed with input from across the business, including but not limited to; Engineering, Network Strategy, Plant Department, Flashbutt Team, Planning Team, NIS, Central Teams, Commercial, Operations and Stakeholder Engagement.

 “A huge thanks to everyone involved,” Dan said.

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