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Preserving a piece of history on Rottnest


WORKS UPDATE 28.10.2022

Preserving a piece of history on Rottnest

Arc Infrastructure was in Rottnest for ten days in mid-October 2022 to assist in the maintenance of the Rottnest Island rail network.

Preserving a piece of history on Rottnest teaser

Arc Infrastructure’s track teams were on Rottnest Island for ten days in mid-October as part of our annual commitment to assist in the maintenance of the Rottnest rail network.

Each year Arc provides a work crew, materials and the plant equipment necessary to maintain this special piece of rail history.

Planning & Contract Services Lead Lee Ilic was responsible for coordination and liaison with Rottnest Island Authority (RIA), and said it was a unique opportunity for Arc.

“This is a special project for the Arc team, who get to experience a location which offers challenges and rewards which are unique to that environment,” Lee said.

There are a number of challenges associated with the works, from the movement of plant equipment to and from the island on a barge, securing appropriate accommodation, and using the right replacement infrastructure including for tracks. Much of the rail network does not rest on ballast and is built right onto the sandy/limestone top soil, and it runs through an A Class nature reserve.

“While the Rottnest rail network is not part of Arc’s rail network, we provide personnel and equipment to help maintain the network each year.

“Our expertise and equipment make us uniquely placed to assist in the ongoing maintenance of this special piece of Australian rail history.

“Arc partners with the Rottnest Island Authority each year to ensure the line is maintained. Arc provides the workforce, majority of materials and the machinery whilst the RIA contributes accommodation, meals, freight and ferry transport for the workers,” Lee said.

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