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SPAD Awareness Week 2023


NEWS UPDATE 13.11.2023

SPAD Awareness Week 2023

Arc is once again partnering with above-rail and below-rail operators for SPAD (Signal Passed At Danger) Awareness Week 2023 from 12 – 18 November.

SPAD Awareness Week 2023 teaser

Arc Infrastructure is proud to be part of SPAD Awareness Week, in partnership with our above-rail operators and below-rail counterpart.

SPAD (Signal Passed At Danger) Awareness Week 2023 runs from 12 – 18 November and is designed to remind above-rail operators and rail traffic crew of the factors they can control to avoid a SPAD. A SPAD occurs when a train passes a stop signal without an authority to do so and is a potential cause of accidents on the rail network. 

Arc is once again partnering with above-rail and below-rail operators – Aurizon, Pacific National, Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC), SCT Logistics, TransWA, TransPerth, Watco and Qube – to raise awareness and reduce the number of SPADs that occur on the network, so everyone goes home safely.

This year’s SPAD Awareness Week has broadened its scope to all Limit of Authority exceedances, not just SPADs – including stop signs, station limits and overrun of movement authorities.

The key themes for drivers this year are around three behaviours - 
  • Be Alert: This is about being aware and encouraging responsiveness to what is around the drivers and could possibly be ahead.
  • Don’t Assume: Encouraging drivers to avoid complacency and assuming an outcome.
  • Expect the Unexpected: Reinforcing the unpredictability on the network, whether it’s signals that will be given or outside factors. 
The week is about highlighting these conversations and behaviours and reminding train drivers of the factors they can control to avoid a SPAD and ensuring they abide by all Limits of Authorities. It’s hoped the lessons of the week are continued through the year.

Arc Infrastructure Head of Operations & Customer Management Rod Smith said the aim of broadening this year’s messaging is to essentially keep everyone safe who uses the network. 

“SPAD Awareness Week is about reminding all who use the network that becoming complacent and assuming an outcome can have dangerous and potentially devastating results,” Rod said.

“Encouraging our above-rail operators to never assume an upcoming signal, to remain vigilant and stay alert, will help ensure the network is as safe as possible and most importantly, make sure everyone gets home.”

Arc thanks the above-rail and below-rail operators for their continued support of the initiative, which also includes bi-monthly working groups with all operators on the network. We are dedicated to upskilling our people and continuing to work with rail operators and regulators to ensure the safety of rail traffic crew and network.

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