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Shorter wait times for traffic in Kalgoorlie


WORKS UPDATE 16.04.2018

Shorter wait times for traffic in Kalgoorlie

A $9 million signalling program is underway in Kalgoorlie in the Goldfields region of Western Australia to upgrade existing infrastructure resulting in better conditions for road traffic.

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Seven level crossings within a 10 kilometre section from West Kalgoorlie to Parkeston and Leonora will be upgraded this year to provide shorter wait times for traffic.

These upgrades form part of a signalling program in West Kalgoorlie which commenced last year with civil works undertaken to prepare for the transition of power lines to optic fibres in the rail corridor.

The seven level crossing upgrades represent a $1.8 million investment in the rail network’s signalling infrastructure with a further $3 million spend planned for the next two years along this section of the network.

Arc Infrastructure’s Project Lead Signals and Systems Sudip Saha said the program is using modern technology to improve traffic conditions in West Kalgoorlie and create better efficiencies for Arc Infrastructure. 

“The use of train predicting systems instead of conventional train detection systems will allow for the level crossings to be active for a shorter period of time, resulting in shorter wait times for traffic. This work also removes visible wires, decreasing the infrastructure’s exposure to vandalism and damage meaning that less maintenance will be required on an ongoing basis” Mr Saha said.

In 2013, train traffic signal lights in this section of the freight rail network were upgraded to LED lights to provide better visibility for above rail operators, something which has seen positive feedback from train drivers.

The signalling upgrade program will ensure Arc Infrastructure continues to provide a safe and efficient freight rail network for customers and local communities where the network operates.

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