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Arc renews support of Constable Care Safety School


NEWS UPDATE 12.08.2021

Arc renews support of Constable Care Safety School

During Rail Safety Week Arc Infrastructure is pleased to announce a new partnership with Constable Care Foundation.

Arc renews support of Constable Care Safety School  teaser

During Rail Safety Week, a week dedicated to preventing serious injuries and fatalities, Arc Infrastructure is pleased to announce the continuation of its support of the Constable Care Safety School through a three-year Principle Partnership with the Constable Care Foundation.

Arc is strongly committed to rail safety education, and has been a proud Foundation Partner of the Constable Care Safety School, WA’s first experiential road and transport safety centre, since it opened in 2017.

Aimed at children from 4-11 years, the school is modelled on Perth’s streets, including model heritage buildings, a working rail platform, pedestrian and level crossings, and traffic lights and intersections.

The innovative space provides a realistic urban environment where children can practice road, rail and public transport safety skills. It is open for school excursions and for individual bookings during the school holidays.

The Constable Care Foundation (CCF) offers augmented reality (AR) safety education through the use of their Arility app. The free app is available on Google Play and on the Apple App store with the innovative technology allowing students to identify safer choices in realistic road and transport scenarios. 

There are eight AR iPad experiences focusing on rail, road, bus, power and school zone safety at the Constable Care Safety School to facilitate safe pedestrian risk exploration, interaction and learning.

“The Constable Care Safety School helps educate young people on how to stay safe around WA’s rail network by using a best-practise early intervention approach,” Constable Care Foundation CEO David Gribble said. 

“The augmented reality component is especially exciting as it allows the students to practice facing hazards and responding in a real-life environment, without ever being in danger. This gaming-style approach is very engaging for children and helps them retain these life-saving lessons.”

Arc Infrastructure CEO Murray Cook praised the Constable Care Foundation for their innovative delivery of rail safety messaging.

“We are proud of our enduring and collaborative relationship with the Constable Care Foundation,” Mr Cook said.

“The CCF continue to find unique, engaging and interactive ways to educate children around safety and Arc Infrastructure is looking forward to helping them keep our youth safe through creative learning experiences.”

During Rail Safety Week, Arc reminds the community of the key points to remember when interacting with the rail freight network:
  • Multiple freight trains can come at any time and from either direction; always cross tracks at a designated pedestrian level crossing.
  • Whether you’re a motorist, truck driver, cyclist or pedestrian, always STOP, LOOK, LISTEN and THINK before crossing at a level crossing. Check it is safe to cross.
  • Always ensure there is enough space for your vehicle on the other side of a level crossing before making the decision to cross.
  • Trains can’t swerve and take a long time to stop. Even at low speeds it can take a freight train several hundred metres before arriving to a complete stop. Don’t try to beat a train; ensure there is enough time for you to safely cross tracks.
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