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Bringing food relief to the Wheatbelt


NEWS UPDATE 15.10.2021

Bringing food relief to the Wheatbelt

With World Food Day around the corner, Arc is announcing a three-year partnership with Foodbank WA, focused on delivering food assistance in the Wheatbelt.

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Arc Infrastructure will be providing ongoing support to Foodbank WA over the next three years to deliver benefits to multiple communities in Western Australia’s Wheatbelt region.

Foodbank WA is the state’s largest food relief organisation providing over 6.4 million meals a year to people in need. The cause sources surplus, rescued and donated product and collaborate with industry and government on innovative programs.

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Foodbank WA identified a gap in the services being delivered in the Wheatbelt and saw an opportunity to potentially expand the food and groceries being provided to locals struggling to put food on the table.

Arc kicked off the long-term partnership by funding critical food relief needs assessment research in the Wheatbelt that has provided recommendations on how Foodbank WA can best help those experiencing food insecurity in the area.

Deliveries have now commenced to Wyalkatchem for a six-month trial period to establish the best process for creating food provision distribution hubs in the region.

Arc Infrastructure CEO, Murray Cook, said the company was keen to support the rollout extending through the greater Wheatbelt area where Arc operates.

“The initial project is to do the pilot study and see what’s most effective in Wheatbelt towns. It may be different to the metropolitan areas given the disperse nature and lower population in the regions. Over three years, we want to support Foodbank WA in rolling that service out to many towns.”

Foodbank WA CEO, Kate O’Hara, has thanked Arc Infrastructure for committing to supporting food assistance in the region over the coming years.

“We are incredibly grateful to have received funding from Arc Infrastructure to conduct a needs assessment of food insecurity within the Wheatbelt region – the third most populous region within our state,” Ms O’Hara said.

“The research revealed major Wheatbelt towns where some are regularly missing meals, indigenous communities currently at risk, identified issues that may impact the initiative and highlighted agencies that we can connect with in order to develop the most appropriate sustainable food relief model.

“Sadly, food insecurity still remains a real issue for many individuals, families and children within our state. Addressing the need for food provisions within the Wheatbelt region would not be possible without this generous support from Arc Infrastructure”.

Read the Foodbank WA media release here.

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