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Celebrating Shanae on World Teachers' Day


NEWS UPDATE 05.10.2021

Celebrating Shanae on World Teachers' Day

Arc is proud to support the Kate Mullin Association, who work to improve the literacy levels of Aboriginal children, and congratulates scholarship recipient, Shanae Tesling.

Celebrating Shanae on World Teachers' Day teaser

Arc Infrastructure has entered into an agreement with the Kate Mullin Association (KMA) to support a WA university student for the duration of her Bachelor of Education.

This World Teachers' Day, we are celebrating the recipient of the Arc sponsored KMA Scholarship Fund, Shanae Tesling, who is currently undertaking studies to become a Primary School teacher through Central Queensland University.

Originally from Paraburdoo (in the Pilbara) Shanae has lived in Geraldton for over nine years.

Shanae hopes to complete her studies and eventually work in remote locations with a high Aboriginal population to act as a role model.

“My career goals are to become a primary teacher, then eventually make my way to become a secondary teacher,” Shanae said.

“I would like to get out in the community and help build engagement in schools.

“A lot of students don’t see options for once they leave school or even see why schooling is necessary. I help young people understand how useful their education can be by showing them the real world applications of what they’re taught. For example, I tell students that I use maths all the time when I’m doing the grocery shopping or calculating my word count for assessments.”

When she’s unable to attend her classes in-person at the Geraldton Universities Centre, Shanae accesses content online through the learning management system Moodle.

The university student has worked as a Special Needs Education Assistant and an Aboriginal Education Officer and has extensive experience umpiring and coaching children in netball and basketball.

She is also a talented artist with her designs even being used as the official artwork for the 2019 Girls Academy Year 12 Summit in Sydney.

Shanae is enjoying her studies so far and has found it has surpassed her expectations.

“It’s going well and I’m enjoying it even more than I thought I would,” Shanae said.

“I’ve been getting distinctions which is definitely over and above what I anticipated.

“I want to say thank you to the KMA and Arc because I don’t know if I would be going to university if I didn’t have the scholarship to help me purchase textbooks, stationary, checks and clearances and to cover me for any time I have to take off work for my studies. I really appreciate it.”

Kate Mullin Association Chair Ken Mullin thanked Arc for their partnership.

“The Kate Mullin Association is delighted to have the support of Arc Infrastructure for our scholarship program over the next four years,” Ken said.

“Research shows Aboriginal students flourish with Aboriginal teachers and the scholarship makes a real difference to the ability of tertiary students to focus on their studies.”

Arc Infrastructure CEO Murray Cook wished Shanae the best with her studies.

“Educators play an important role inside our classrooms and communities and Shanae is no exception,” Murray said.

“Through our collaboration with the Kate Mullin Association, we are looking forward to playing a small role in helping Shanae improve the schooling experience for Aboriginal students in our State.”

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