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Notification of rail grinding works


WORKS UPDATE 12.09.2017

Notification of rail grinding works

Arc Infrastructure wishes to advise that we will be conducting essential maintenance works on the freight rail network from High Wycombe in the Perth Metropolitan area to Toodyay between Tuesday 12 September and Friday 22 September 2017.

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These works are part of Arc Infrastructure’s ongoing investment in the network to ensure the continued integrity and safety of our State’s vital transport link to the eastern states and overseas markets.

The portion of the rail network affected is critical to the transport of iron ore and grain and the movement of 80% of all containerised freight coming from the east coast, as well as passengers travelling on the AvonLink, MerredinLink, Prospector and Indian Pacific. 

What is taking place?

The works involve grinding sections of the rail line with a rail-bound grinder to improve the condition of the track.

Rail grinding is a necessary part of regular maintenance of the line to ensure the safe and efficient movement of rolling stock along the network. Noise can be expected to emanate from the grinder as it moves along the rail line. The grinder will make a small number of passes to complete one section of track (taking approximately 20 – 30 minutes) before travelling up the line to the next section. 

Where are the works taking place?

Rail grinding will occur at selected sections of the network commencing near Abernethy Road in High Wycombe before travelling north east through the cities of Swan and Kalamunda before finishing in the Shire of Toodyay.

When will the works take place?

Works will occur at some point between Tuesday 12 September and Friday 22 September as the rail grinder travels along the rail line. Wherever possible we are scheduling works in residential areas during daylight hours, however some of the work will need to be conducted between 4.00pm and 11.00pm on these dates – a timeframe that is necessary to avoid disruption to critical freight movements. 

Media Contact:
Andrew Bennett
Corporate Affairs Advisor
Phone: 0459 869 624

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