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Rail recovery supporting sustainability


WORKS UPDATE 05.05.2023

Rail recovery supporting sustainability

Arc’s Rail Recovery Team collected more than 13,500 tonnes of scrap steel from our network, as well as 25,000 wooden sleepers.

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Arc Infrastructure is recovering assets once considered waste, thanks to the work of the Rail Recovery Team (RRT).

In recent years, the efforts to recover and reuse old rail assets has ramped up with the value of recovered assets such as sleepers and old rail lines increasing.

In 2022 the work of the RRT meant more than 13,500 tonnes of scrap steel was recovered from our network. The team also collected and recycled 25,000 wooden sleepers from across the network last year. Established in early 2020, the team is responsible for collecting, sorting and, wherever possible, recycling or reusing materials from the network.

Head of Maintenance Support Tim Underwood, said the RRT provides Arc with a new revenue stream that more than covers the costs associated with collecting, processing and recycling the rail, while also contributing to Arc’s sustainability initiatives.

“The efforts of the Rail Recovery Team mean we’re able to sustainably recycle more material from the network, while making a positive contribution to Arc’s overall revenue,” Mr Underwood said.

“We are still learning day by day about how we can get better at what we do. We continue to find ways and opportunities that add value to the company.”

The project uses specially designed equipment during their activities, including excavators with shear attachments, magnets and rail snapping, which cut rail line and steel sleepers into smaller lengths suitable for collection.

So far in 2023 the Rail Recovery team has collected and sorted material from Esperance with approximately 5,000 tonnes collected to date.

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