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Showcasing the Kenwick Rail Freight Facility


NEWS UPDATE 02.03.2023

Showcasing the Kenwick Rail Freight Facility

DoT and PTA tour new Arc hub of procurement and maintenance operations.

Showcasing the Kenwick Rail Freight Facility teaser

Arc was pleased to host a group of government stakeholders from the Department of Transport (DoT) and Public Transport Authority (PTA) on a site tour of the Kenwick Rail Freight Facility and Forrestfield Intermodal Terminal in February.

The site tour was an opportunity to showcase the Kenwick facility as the new hub of our procurement and maintenance operations, and demonstrate the flashbutt welding process and grinding of rail. 

Operations and Logistics Lead Paul Jones showed the group around, starting with an overview of the site, central warehouse, viewing of the flashbutt welding production line, and a drive through the workshop.

While the group viewed the welding production line, Paul explained that rail is delivered to the facility in 27.5m lengths, which is flashbutt welded into 110m lengths, and distributed across the freight rail network to upgrade sections of track as required.

The group also got to see the site of the future Kenwick Intermodal Terminal directly adjacent to the rail freight facility, which is being developed to accommodate the growth in existing and future container volumes through Fremantle Port and the future Westport.

The second stop of the tour was the Forrestfield Intermodal Terminal, where Intermodal Group VP Adam Lebihan showed the group around the busy site, which is a critical part of the metro IMT network.

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