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Supporting Aboriginal job seekers


NEWS UPDATE 05.12.2022

Supporting Aboriginal job seekers

Arc Infrastructure’s 2022 Christmas donation recipient, the Waalitj Foundation, is expanding support to its Kalgoorlie pre-employment program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander job seekers.

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The Waalitj Foundation has been selected as the 2022 beneficiary of Arc Infrastructure’s annual Christmas donation.

Each year, instead of purchasing gifts for our customers, Arc Infrastructure supports an organisation providing critical services to the State. Past recipients of this donation include Lifeline WA, Zonta House and Desert Blue Connect.

This year, the $30,000 contribution will be provided to the Waalitj Foundation (formerly known as the Wirrpanda Foundation) to support their invaluable work leading the provision of education, employment and business opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Waalitj Foundation General Manager of Community Development Troy Cook has thanked Arc Infrastructure for supporting their cause this festive season.

“The donation enables us to fund a second full-time Indigenous Employment Mentor in our Kalgoorlie Aboriginal pre-employment program and help more people access services, complete training and gain employment in regional Western Australia.

“We’re hoping to more than double the amount of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander job seekers commence the Kalgoorlie pre-employment program in 2023 from 20 to 50,” Troy Cook said.

“We appreciate Arc Infrastructure choosing to support the Waalitj Foundation as the 2022 Christmas donation recipient to prepare and support job seekers for sustainable employment opportunities in Kalgoorlie.”

Arc Infrastructure CEO Murray Cook said the business was proud to help the Waalitj Foundation enhance outcomes for disadvantaged Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander job seekers.

“Over the past few months, Arc Infrastructure has commenced work on our Aboriginal engagement project which falls under Theme 3: Our Community & Stakeholders of our Sustainability Strategy,” Murray Cook said.

“We hope our support of the Waalitj Foundation will help address the significant gap in the employment rate of Indigenous people and non-Indigenous people in Western Australia and foster social and economic opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the broader community.”

To learn more about the Waalitj Foundation, visit their website here.

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