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Team mates volunteer to fight hunger


NEWS UPDATE 08.11.2017

Team mates volunteer to fight hunger

Arc Infrastructure's team mates have committed 1000 hours to tackle WA's hidden hunger problem through our Foundation Partnership with Foodbank WA.

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Members of the Arc Infrastructure team have joined with Foodbank WA to volunteer more than 1,000 hours this year to help fight the scourge of hunger and food insecurity in Western Australia.

Around 120 of Arc’s Perth-based team are volunteering to work in the Foodbank Community Kitchen and Warehouse preparing fresh meals and sorting food that can be repurposed to feed WA people in need.

By Christmas this year, the Arc team aims to have prepared 26,000 meals and to have repacked, sorted and moved over 120,000 kilograms of food for those in need of a helping hand.

Arc Infrastructure has developed a unique and powerful partnership with Foodbank – Australia’s largest hunger relief organisation that provides 172,000 meals a day to over 2,600 charities nationally.

This partnership extends across the State to benefit the numerous communities that connect with Arc Infrastructure’s freight rail network.
In Geraldton, Arc’s Mid West teams banded together to support Foodbank’s busiest regional hunger relief centre which provides more than 1 million meals to people in the Midwest, Murchison and Lower Gascoyne regions.

Midwest Regional Lead Garry Bird said the opportunity for his team to volunteer on the floor at Foodbank’s warehouse in Geraldton is a great way for them to see what actually happens with their donations and why they are needed so much.

“The team really enjoy doing something where they can see how much it helps their community. It also allows us to step away from our daily tasks to get involved in some team building activities… especially when we get competitive to see how much food we can move and pack,” Mr Bird said.

Last year, Arc Infrastructure partnered with Foodbank Geraldton to purchase a multi-temperature truck to assist Foodbank to cater to the ever growing demand they are facing in the region, and our employees were asked to contribute food to combat the low levels of stock the centre was experiencing.

Manager Corporate Affairs Melanie Henley said Arc Infrastructure continues to be an active participant in the regional and metro communities in which it operates.

“We remain committed to ensuring our principles of community participation, which includes supporting worthy causes through volunteering, sit at the heart of who we are and what we do as a company,” Ms Henley said.

Media Contact:
Andrew Bennett
Corporate Affairs Advisor
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