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An im-peck-able volunteer effort


NEWS UPDATE 20.10.2021

An im-peck-able volunteer effort

Arc employees have planted 500 trees at a conservation centre in the Perth hills to offset tree clearing required for the Hampton Intermodal Terminal.

An im-peck-able volunteer effort teaser

A group of Arc employees recently volunteered at the Kaarakin Black Cockatoo Conservation Centre in the Perth hills, rolling up their sleeves to plant 500 trees.

Arc’s Development team purchased the plants through Fifteen Trees to help offset clearances that were required for works on the Hampton Intermodal Terminal. Fifteen Trees is an Australian company that has helped community groups plant almost 250,000 trees since it was established in 2009.

Dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of sick and injured wild native black cockatoos, Kaarakin enables injured black cockatoos to be rehabilitated and, if possible, returned to the wild.

The Centre is also home to a number of birds that cannot be released, and who assist in their efforts to educate the community about the need to protect Australia’s unique fauna.

Arc employees had the opportunity to take photos with alpine dingoes Alex and Amy, and several black cockatoos.

Kaarakin Animal Management Officer and Education Officer Sam Clarke thanked the Arc group for their volunteer work.

 “It was a great day and very successful. Everyone was very passionate and eager to plant, even in the harder areas of the site with the harder soil,” Mr Clarke said.

“Managing to get all 500 successfully planted, guarded and watered in was a big bonus!”

All Arc employees are entitled to one leave day each year to volunteer for a registered community or charity organisation as part of the Volunteering Program.

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