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Launching our new Volunteering Program


NEWS UPDATE 20.07.2021

Launching our new Volunteering Program

Arc employees now have access to one paid day of Volunteer Leave each year, further helping our people contribute to their local communities.

Launching our new Volunteering Program teaser

Arc Infrastructure’s newly launched Volunteering Program has been well received by employees, who have used the opportunity to participate in team volunteering days at Foodbank WA.

The Volunteering Program entitles every Arc employee to one day of paid volunteer leave each year, and further enables them to contribute to the communities in which we live and work.

Employees can volunteer for registered charities on their own or organise a day for their teams. The leave can be taken as one full day or two half days.

In April and May, two groups of Arc employees gave their time to help Foodbank WA pack hampers for people facing food insecurity in our State.

These two sessions coincided with National Volunteer Week and relief efforts for people impacted by ex-tropical Cyclone Seroja.

Foodbank WA Partnership and Development Manager Andrew Wilkinson said the group’s efforts were incredible.

“The comments from our Branch Manager about your team’s performance are a great testament to Arc’s fantastic efforts. It was an amazing team effort and they absolutely smashed it in the warehouse,” Andrew said.

Across the two sessions, the groups packed:
  • 795 emergency food relief hampers
  • 757 deli packs (small and large packs)
  • 380 breakfast bundles
  • 130 coffee bundles
  • 150 fruit and veg bags
  • 200 dry hampers for Foodbank WA's mobile van
  • Shelves on the Foodbank WA shop floor
Arc employees will be encouraged to continue accessing the Volunteering Program and use the opportunity to benefit our local communities.

The Volunteering Program is part of Arc’s commitment to be resilient and sustainable, ensuring our business can continue to deliver into the future for our people, customers and communities.

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