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Arc helps revitalise Donnybrook town centre


NEWS UPDATE 01.07.2021

Arc helps revitalise Donnybrook town centre

Arc has collaborated with the Shire of Donnybrook-Balingup on a number of exciting projects that enhance the town.

Arc helps revitalise Donnybrook town centre teaser

The recent opening of the Donnybrook Heritage Goods Shed Interpretive Centre and Station Square was the result of a number of collaborative projects between the Shire of Donnybrook Balingup and Arc Infrastructure.

The much-anticipated revitalisation of Donnybrook’s Town Centre tells the story of Donnybrook and provides an east-west link over the railway track that had previously divided the evolving and unique townscape.

The new Station Square provides a link to the centre of town with the inclusion of two rail crossings at the Old Railway Station. Extensive consultation took place between the Shire and Arc Infrastructure to ensure the structures were within specification.
Adjacent to Station Square is the iconic Apple Fun Park which is currently being revitalised under the Federal Government’s Building Better Regions Fund. The new design will see the play area size increase by 10 per cent, following negotiations that took place between the Shire and Arc to shift the boundary fence of the park closer to the existing railway line.
Arc Infrastructure South West Regional Lead Cameron Beange said the business was pleased to support the Shire and enable these projects.
“Arc Infrastructure was pleased to collaborate with the Shire of Donnybrook-Balingup to help bring these projects to life and revitalise the town centre. While there are always complexities around using rail corridor land, we’re glad we could work together to help create these landmark destinations for Donnybrook locals and tourists.”
Arc Infrastructure Property Contracts Specialist Hannah Mackey and Third Party Projects Engineer Stella Seo were instrumental in enabling the projects to proceed.
Shire Chief Executive Officer Ben Rose said, “The existing railway network runs through the Shire and whilst it is not currently in use, discussions between the Shire and Arc have paved the way for a number of opportunities that exist to utilise the railway corridor.”
Earlier in the year, the Shire completed a series of accessible shared pathways that connected the outer residential area of Meldene Estate to the town centre. Arc Infrastructure were once again key stakeholders in the project due to the location and proximity of the pathway to the railway network.
The dual use pathway, which runs alongside the Donnybrook Country Club has been embraced by the community thanks to its scenic route.

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