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It's Rail Safety Week


NEWS UPDATE 07.08.2022

It's Rail Safety Week

To celebrate, we invite primary schools to enter the draw to a free school excursion (valued at $649) to the Constable Care Safety School.

It's Rail Safety Week teaser

Arc Infrastructure is proud to take part in Rail Safety Week, an annual community awareness week held in Australia and New Zealand, designed to engage the community in safe rail practices.

To celebrate Rail Safety Week, Arc Infrastructure is offering the opportunity for primary schools to enter the draw and win a free excursion (valued at $649) with our community partner, the Constable Care Safety School.

The Constable Care Safety School is located in Maylands, and provides a unique opportunity for children to explore real-life transport risks and practice road, rail, pedestrian, bike and public transport safety skills in a safe, realistic urban environment.

Suitable for children aged 4-12 years, the Safety School allows kids to experience what it’s like to be out on footpaths and roads, without any of the actual risks involved. This state-of-the-art experiential learning centre allows primary school groups to learn and practice bicycle, pedestrian and public transport safety skills in a realistic, working road layout that incorporates the latest in augmented reality learning and that links to and reinforces the classroom road safety curriculum.

Last year Arc announced the continuation of its support of the Constable Care Safety School through a three-year Principle Partnership.

As part of this partnership, we invite school administrators and teachers to express their interest to go into the draw to win a free school excursion by emailing by Friday, 9 September. Please include a short note outlining which school you are representing and the age group of the class/es you would like to attend (up to 60 students). 

During Rail Safety Week we are also taking the opportunity to remind the community to be alert and safe around rail:
  • Whether you’re a cyclist or pedestrian always STAND BACK. LOOK UP. STAY RAIL SAFE before crossing at a level crossing.
  • Trains can’t swerve & can take up to 14 football fields to stop. Whether you’re a motorist or pedestrian, don’t try to beat a train; ensure there is enough time for you to safely cross tracks.
  • For motorists, always ensure there is enough space for your vehicle on the other side of a level crossing before making the decision to cross.
This is the 17th year of Rail Safety Week, which sees rail operators, police, governments and community organisations unite by organising various activities such as media events, safety demonstrations, hosting webinars and virtual events, along with engaging with schools & community groups to raise awareness on the importance of rail safety.

Fatalities, incidents and near hits on the network can cause severe and lasting trauma to the rail employees involved, and the majority of these incidents can be avoided.

Visit the TrackSAFE Foundation website to learn more.

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