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It's SPAD Awareness Week


NEWS UPDATE 14.11.2021

It's SPAD Awareness Week

The initiative is being rolled out in partnership with above-rail operators to help ensure everyone goes home safely.

It's SPAD Awareness Week teaser

Arc Infrastructure is proud to introduce SPAD Awareness Week, in partnership with our above-rail operators.

SPAD (Signal Passed At Danger) Awareness Week runs from 14-20 November and is designed to remind above-rail operators and rail traffic crew of the factors they can control to avoid a SPAD.

A SPAD occurs when a train passes a stop signal when not allowed to do so, and is a potential cause of accidents on the rail network. 
Arc is partnering with above-rail operators – Aurizon, SCT Logistics, TransWA, Pacific National and Watco – to raise awareness and reduce the number of SPADs that occur on the network so everyone goes home safely.
Arc and the above-rail operators will be working together and using SPAD Awareness Week to start conversations and remind train drivers of the factors they can control to avoid a SPAD:
  • Mobile phones – the use of mobile phones in a locomotive can be a major source of distraction. Train drivers are being reminded of their company’s policy around mobile phone usage.
  • Fatigue – studies show that rail traffic crew have slower reaction time, more instances of extreme speeding, more braking errors and penalty braking when fatigued. We’re asking train drivers to speak up and contact Network Control if they’re feeling tired on the network.
  • Distraction – train driving can be monotonous and there are external factors outside the locomotive that can shift a driver’s focus. Research has shown that between 50–75% of SPADs have distraction as a cause. We will be talking about personal strategies train drivers can put in place for areas where they may get distracted, or at certain times of the day.
SPAD Awareness Week will be rolled out yearly to keep the message front of mind and ensure we support rail traffic crew to be mindful of the critical role they play in avoiding SPADs.
Arc Infrastructure Head of Operations & Customer Management Rod Smith said he looked forward to continuing to work with above-rail operators on SPAD prevention.
“The initiative is a result of discussions at our monthly joint SPAD Working Group, held with all above-rail operators and chaired by Arc. We thank our above-rail operators for their support of the initiative, and look forward to receiving feedback on how we can work together to build on SPAD Awareness Week in the future to help ensure the safety of our rail traffic crew and the rail network.”
Arc Infrastructure and the above-rail operators have produced a series of posters and merchandise which will be distributed to train drivers and operational employees to help start conversations on SPAD prevention.

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