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Safety a focus for railway patrollers


WORKS UPDATE 13.04.2018

Safety a focus for railway patrollers

Arc Infrastructure commenced a road rail vehicle and level crossing upgrade program in 2017 to allow patrollers to safely pass level crossings.

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The program allows rail network patrollers to activate a level crossing to close the crossing to road traffic remotely from their patrol vehicle.

The first phase of the program was completed in 2017 with 56 level crossings upgraded, and the new technology installed in all 31 of Arc Infrastructure’s road rail vehicles.

The second phase of the program planned for this year involves the upgrade of 15 level crossings across both Perth Metro and regional locations.

Arc Infrastructure’s Project Engineer Jed Sung said the upgrade is essential to ensure the safety of road rail vehicle patrollers and the road users in the surrounding communities.

“In the past, a rail network patroller has had to stop and get out of their car to manually activate a level crossing. Moving forward, a patroller will be able to do this from their vehicle, meaning they can pass the level crossing safely,” Mr Sung said.

A total investment of almost half a million dollars has been planned to upgrade the identified level crossings that pose a high risk to road rail vehicle drivers.

Road rail vehicles are used for patrollers to assess the current state of the rail and identify any areas where works or maintenance is required to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the rail network.

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