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Worsley - Hamilton re-sleepering


WORKS UPDATE 18.04.2023

Worsley - Hamilton re-sleepering

A key upgrade project was successfully completed in the south west by the Mobile Maintenance Team in February during a five-day shutdown that was carefully coordinated to minimise the impact on customers.

Worsley - Hamilton re-sleepering  teaser

Arc Infrastructures Mobile Maintenance Team (MMT) successfully completed a key track upgrade project on a section of line in the Worsley – Hamilton area in February.

Preparation for the works, which required a five-day shut, began in 2022 with our Planning Team, followed by the MMT Supervisors and Lead as well as the Regional Lead from Picton visiting the project site to scope its requirements.

Head of Maintenance Delivery, Garry Bird said works were carefully planned to minimise the impact on customers.

“Part of the planning process on shuts like these always involve discussing and planning with our customers. It is so important that we deliver on shut down timing in order to maintain trust from our customers and also to ensure the continued safe and efficient operation of the network,” Mr Bird said.

To reduce the length of the closure, works were conducted during the day and night, with approximately 20 workers on each shift. 

The final scope of the works included:
  • 1km of full track renewal
  • 1km of undercutting of track that was resleepered during the preparation swing
  • 1km of side insertion resleepering
  • Full ballast renewals
A wide range of heavy machines were used for the program of works. Approximately 3600 low profile concrete sleepers and 5000 tonnes of ballast were used to complete the project.

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